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Gift Cards:
Give The Gift Of A Clean Home!

Give The Gift Of Extra Time

A house cleaning gift card is the perfect gift for loved ones that are short on time, unable to clean or just don't like cleaning their own home! With CleaningPros' award winning service, you can be confident that whomever you gift our services to will enjoy every part of it. 

How To Purchase

Its quick and easy, and you can have one sent to you on short notice! Just call our office at 1-855-925-7767 and say you would like to purchase a gift card. We will process your payment right over the phone, and we can send the digital gift card to you via email or email it directly to the lucky person. If you get the gift card emailed to yourself, feel free to print it off at home if you want something physical to give. You can also forward or resend the gift card attachment however you like. If you want to email it directly to the receiver, we can take a custom message to accompany the gift card. We also offer the option to send gift cards anonymously.

How To Use

Once a giftcard has been received, it can be used at any of our multiple CleaningPros locations across Canada. Each gift card has a 8-16 digit code on it. To use your gift card, just call any CleaningPros number to schedule your appointment. When asked for payment, inform our team that you have a gift card. Provide our team with the code and you are good to go! 

Gift Card Terms & Conditions

CleaningPros gift cards cannot be split across multiple appointments. The full gift card value must be used all at once. If you would like to gift multiple cleans, please purchase multiple gift cards in smaller amounts instead of one larger gift card. 

If a dollar value has been applied to a CleaningPros gift card, it will never expire and can be used at any CleaningPros location Canada-wide. If you choose to provide a 'time value' gift card (where there is a time value attached instead of a dollar value) the card will expire in 1 year. CleaningPros recommends purchasing dollar value gift cards for this reason, but we will also offer time value cards if requested. 

Gift cards are non-refundable and have no cash value.

If you lose your gift card, the value may be unrecoverable. If you have the receipt for the gift card, our CleaningPros team will transfer the remaining balance to a new gift card for you. If you don't have a receipt it is very hard for our team to properly confirm the gift card. It still isn't a bad idea to call our office team and check. In rare cases we can find a connection without a receipt. No promises, though!