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Have A Business Or Commercial Environment That You Want As Clean As Your Home?

At CleaningPros, our specialty is detailed house cleaning. If you want to bring the feeling of a clean home into your working environment, we've got you covered.

Where Do We Start?

Commercial spaces vary a lot. Before we provide you with a quote for our services, we will have one of our managers meet you, at a time of your choosing, at the space you want cleaned. You will receive a customized quote in less than 24 hours after your appointment. For more information give us a call at 1-855-925-7767 and mention you are interested in commercial cleaning.

Why CleaningPros?

CleaningPros is a trusted name in professional cleaning, Canada-wide. Thousands of clients trust us to offer a detailed, quality clean each year. Our commercial division offers these added benefits:

  • 24/7 manager availability. A competent, truster manager in your local area is always available for you to call.
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • We handle all supplies and inventory