COVID-19: Our Response


Version Log For This Page (Small Edits Not Included)

v1March 16th 2020

Initial COVID-19 policies created & released here.

v2August 26th 2020

Updates to our disposable glove policy: As of Sept 1st 2020 customers who would like us to continue to wear disposable gloves in their home can opt-in to continued use. More details below.

v3November 25th 2020

Clarity on mask policy: Our employees will always wear a mask when entering a home. We only allow masks to be removed once the employee is alone in an enclosed area. Customers can also additionally request that masks be worn even when an employee is alone. More details below.

v3September 1st 2021

No changes made. We continue to implement and maintain all of our COVID policies.


Hello all, Levi here! I am the owner of CleaningPros. As a family owned and operated business, we are experiencing a high volume of calls with requests on what we can do and what we are doing in response to COVID-19.

Below I will be listing out several changes we have implemented here at CleaningPros in response to COVID-19. As always, if you have any questions feel free to call, text or email us and one of our awesome team members will be more than happy to assist you (and let me tell you, they have been extra awesome this past year!)


Disinfectant-Purposed Bleach Made Available to Customer's Homes Should They Wish to Opt-In to its Use

We have had customers request a disinfectant option to help aid in the prevention of COVID-19.

Bleach has been recommended as a disinfectant for COVID-19 by the government of Canada and the CDC. We have sourced disinfectant-purposed bleach for use in customers homes should they wish to opt in to its use. If you would like to opt-in to the use of this recommended disinfectant in your home please just let us know. This additional option is being offered totally free of charge to any of our existing customers. We are also currently making this option available to all new customers but our priority will be to have enough on-hand for our existing customer base. 

To ensure the effectiveness of this disinfectant we have processes in place where the bleach will be mixed and prepared daily to ensure the efficacy of the solution.  

I want to highlight here that this is a preventative measure; we are not and will not serve any households who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. This is just a little extra we thought we could do to help out with the community response.

Any Employees Experiencing Symptoms, However Mild, Will Not Be Permitted to Service Customer’s Homes

As an employer, all staff who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, however mild, are instructed to stay home. This was a recommendation made by the government of Canada to all members of the public. 


ADDED NOV 25/2020 All Employees Will Be Wearing Masks When Entering a Home

Our employees have had masks for several months. They were/are always required when physical distancing isn't possible. Employees will always arrive at a home with their mask on. Masks will only be removed if an employee is alone in an enclosed area (like a bedroom).  Customers who want us to wear masks throughout their whole appointment, even when an employee is alone in an enclosed area, are free to request this and we will honour this request (we have an internal flag that can be placed on your file). All employees have company provided masks and daily checks are done to ensure they have them in their possession. 


Several Policies Implemented To Minimize Human Contact Between Employees & Customers

We have suspended all staff meetings. Employees are replenishing their cleaning supplies at our offices at staggered times so they don't interact or come into contact with any other humans. We have restructured our schedules to place an emphasis on one employee servicing a home versus multiple employees servicing a home. We also request that customers who happen to be home during their appointments maintain the recommended 2 meter distance between themselves and our team member. We are striving towards the goal for none of our Pro-Cleaners to come into contact with another human during their work day. 


Employees & Customer's Follow Strict Social Distancing Guidelines

All employees and customer's must stay at least 2 meters apart. If you are home during your cleaning appointment we request that you find a room or area of your home that will be out of the way of our Pro-Cleaners while they complete their work. At minimum we request that you stay 2 meters apart from our team members while they service your home. 


UPDATED AUG 26/2020 Customers Can Opt-In To The Use Of Disposable Gloves In Their Home

Up until September 1st 2020 our staff members were required to wear a new pair of disposable gloves at each appointment. With updated guidance from government sources we are no longer making disposable gloves mandatory after September 1st. Customers who would like us to continue using disposable gloves in their home can opt-in at any time -just let our office know and we will note it down on your file! Every staff member always has a package of disposable gloves ready to be used. When we do use gloves, a new pair is used at each appointment and disposed of at the end of each appointment. Wearing gloves does not replace regular hand washing.


Postponing Services In Households Experiencing Symptoms Of COVID-19

If you or any members of your household are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and are a current customer of CleaningPros please let us know as we will need to postpone your services. Our office team will coordinate with you to determine when it is safe to service your home using reccomendations and guidelines provided by the federal and provincial governments.


Enhanced Policies On Employee Hygiene

Liquid hand soap is provided to all employees. We have introduced multiple rigorous new hygiene measures. Staff members will wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap at the start of each appointment and again before they leave each appointment (at minimum). They of course are instructed to remember to wash their hands after using the washroom, after coughing or sneezing or after touching their eyes, nose or mouth. Right now, no one can wash their hands too much!


Waiving Of All Cancellation Fees If You Or Any Household Members Are Experiencing Symptoms of COVID-19

CleaningPros typically requires 3 business days notice to cancel upcoming appointments. We want to remove any and all disincentives for people experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 therefore, if you or any members of your household are experiencing symptoms the cancellation fees will be waived in full. Please let us know and our office team will coordinate with you to determine when it is safe to service your home.


As always if you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you!

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March 16, 2020