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About CleaningPros

Hey there! I'm Levi, Co-Founder & CEO Of CleaningPros

(That's my wife Cortney and Westie Sam - we call him 'stinker')

My Co-Founder Rhonda (who happens to be my mother) and I started what is now CleaningPros a few years ago. Rhonda (mom) cleaned all the homes, and I was responsible for customer service. I still remember the first time the phone rang - someone was looking for a quote. I got so nervous that my shirt got soaked in sweat and I hung up on our possible first customer! We have come a long way since then, with over 60 team members in our operation today. But some things still haven't changed. Our team considers each other like family and we have a fairly open approach to people making mistakes (team members and customers). If the owner of the company can hang up on the first customer...then we should have a little grace with other people and the human mistakes that happen.

We are consistently ranked in the top services for all the cities we operate in, and we like to pride ourselves on the great team of people we get to work with every day. Rhonda and I still arrive early in the morning at our head office during the week (and on the weekends too!). We are dedicated to innovating and improving on the company CleaningPros is today.

Why We Do What We Do

House cleaning services were a bit of a dinosaur back in the day. There wasn't a lot of technology used and things were pretty inefficient.